Comparative Durable Powers of Attorney

In Curbing the License To Steal:  A Discussion of English Law and Possible reforms for the Durable Power of Attorney, 44 Real Prop. Tr. & Est. L.J. 31(2009), Amy Jo Conroy compares durable powers of attorney under the Uniform Power of Attorney Act with lasting powers of attorney under England’s Mental Capacity Act (2005).

In the United States, the durable power of attorney is a commonly used instrument, but cases of financial exploitation are increasingly finding their way into the courts. Horror stories of exploitation litter the case reporters, and many more likely go unreported.  While the durable power is a useful instrument, its use is too powerful to be left to the unfettered discretion of an agent.

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States must take action to protect their vulnerable citizens. A first step is to require that all durable powers follow a statutory form. Second, all durable powers should be registered to be effective. A third step is to require notice to be given to family members, similar to notice requirements in a guardianship proceeding. Lastly, legislators must increase court or governmental oversight by providing automatic inquiry jurisdiction so that if abuse is suspected, the initiation of guardianship proceedings is not the only solution. These safeguards will reduce the simplicity of the durable power, but that is an acceptable sacrifice to better protect our country’s vulnerable senior citizens.

44 Real Prop. Tr. & Est. L.J. at 53.

Gary Rosin

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